Paul McCartney
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX

Concert Review by
Paul Ridenour

What can I say?  My fourth time seeing Paul McCartney and my mom hit the nail on the head - "A once in a lifetime event!"

My brothers and I purchased tickets for our parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  Mom saw McCartney in 1989 but dad has never seen him.  My mom was born on John Lennon's birthday [October 9] and my birthday is on the same day of Paul and Linda's wedding [March 12].

My mom made the comment "How many people can say they went to a Paul McCartney concert for their 50th wedding anniversary?"  I replied "How many people have celebrated a 50th?"  I bet my parents were the only ones to do both.

Just an amazing event!!!!

I was in the nosebleed section of 313, my parents were in 325, and some friends were in 319 and 324.

Before the show, some very nice orchestral music was playing and then a video on a day in the life of Paul McCartney as a Beatle, Wing, and a solo artist.

McCartney likes to talk a lot and reminisce which is great because much of it is about the Beatles.

He said that while he is concentrating on singing a song and playing the chords or notes on piano, guitar, or bass, that someone always holds up a sign.  Half of him says to ignore the sign while the other half says read it.  He said one time, a sign read "My mother saw you at Candlestick Park in 1966.........." as he walked away and made the motion "forget it!"

Sir Paul said he was glad to see so many young people in attendance.

The stage with its lights and videos and images was just gorgeous on English Tea and made you feel like you were in a James Bond movie on Live and Let Die.

He actually got popcorn from a guy on the front row and passed it around to all of the guys in the band and then gave the box back.  He had the same band as he did in 2002.

Note: I got an email from a local NBC reporter Brett Johnson who saw this webpage,  He said he asked the guy next to him if he could have some popcorn.  That is when McCartney saw the popcorn and said he'd like to have some.  Brett also threw a "Yellow Submarine" notepad on stage and just as McCartney was leaving the stage, he signed it "Paul" and threw it back.  The guy with the popcorn may have been planted in the audience since it also happened in Chicago.

He said that he and George used to play together and borrow riffs from J. S. Bach which later influenced him on Blackbird.

Paul said it is a good time to applaud those who had gone before - "John, George, and Linda."  A long standing ovation ensued.

A friend of mine named Ed Brown [who has written concert reviews on my webpage] has never been a big Beatles' fan or McCartney fan as he is a Rolling Stones fan, but I think he was blown away.  He said that "McCartney was versatile."  McCartney said "we are going to rock you tonight" and Ed said "he did!"  Maybe I will let Ed write a review and include it after the Set List.  His wife said that although she has not been to many concerts, it was the best one she has seen.

McCartney mentioned that Good Day Sunshine was played to the astronauts by NASA on the last space shuttle flight and that the astronauts joined him on stage in Houston after he performed the song.  Pretty cool getting your song played in outer space!

Paul mentioned that the first song the Beatles recorded was In Spite Of All The Danger which cost five pounds.  He said that each of the five members in the band paid one pound and were going to keep the record for one week each.  The last guy, a guy I have never heard of, kept it for 23 years.  He then said he was kidding!

McCartney was not sure about doing the song I Will on this tour until a man came up to him and told him his daughter sang it at school.  The guy said he'd like to buy Paul a drink but Paul said "Thanks, but I already have one."  McCartney then said "Next time I see that guy, I'll take that drink."

He played four songs off his new CD and I think that three of them are the best.

His voice sounded fantastic especially for a guy who is almost 64. 

I would have liked to hear We Can Work It Out, Day Tripper, Can't Buy Me Love, And I Love Her, Fool On The Hill, and/or Hello Goodbye but I have heard some of them before.  I'd also like to hear Paul sing some John Lennon songs like Strawberry Fields Forever or Dear Prudence as a tribute and something from George Harrison like While My Guitar Gently Weeps.  Paul might respect them too much to sing their songs or maybe he has something that none of us would ever want to deal with - Yoko!

I believe that Band On The Run may have been his best song.  For No One is a classic. A friend of mine says he was surprised how the Wings songs affected him, even more so than some of the Beatles songs.

I have friends [apple scruffs] who follow [groupies] a local Dallas Beatles' cover band named A Hard Night's Day [band aids] and I saw several of them at the concert.  Many were there that I did not see.

The set list was a good mixture of Beatles and Wings songs and the list says it all.

Set List

Magical Mystery Tour
Flaming Pie
I'll Get You
Drive My Car
Till There Was You
Let Me Roll It (with the Foxy Lady ending)
Got to Get You Into My Life
Fine Line (piano) - new CD
Maybe I'm Amazed (piano)
The Long And Winding Road (piano)
In Spite Of All The Danger
I Will (acoustic)
Jenny Wren (acoustic) - new CD
For No One (acoustic)
Fixing A Hole - piano only
English Tea - new CD
I'll Follow The Sun
Follow Me - new CD
Eleanor Rigby
McCartney said " ...for those who like 'Wings'"
Too Many People
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Good Day Sunshine
Band On The Run
Penny Lane
I've Got A Feeling
Back In The USSR
Hey Jude (piano)
Live And Let Die (piano)

First Encore

Get Back
Helter Skelter

Second Encore

Please Please Me
Let it Be
Sgt. Pepper (Reprise)
The End

Pictures from a cell phone

English Tea

Live And Let Die