Me and My Monkey
The Beatles Tribute

Music Review
By Paul Ridenour

 Pig Bar and Grill
210 East 8th Street
Ft. Worth, Texas
 July 23, 2004
9:30 PM

Not one to stray too far from Dallas on a Friday night and a huge Hard Night's Day (HND) fan, I, along with another four HND fans traversed to Ft. Worth to hear another Beatles cover band called Me And My Monkey (MAMM).  The cost was $8 and $2 to park.  I must admit, I didnít think I would be that impressed.  I thought it was a little cheesy to have a large tip jar on stage.  The crowd was only around 43 people about 10 minutes before they started playing but filled up as the evening went on. 

They had all of the Beatles instruments and the early dress.  Other than HND, I have never heard another Beatles cover band.  I was impressed!  They sounded very much like the Beatles and looked like the Beatles.  The harmonies were good.  George Jara is a very good George Harrison and Rodney Bollinger is a fantastic John Lennon.  And, I canít believe it, another McCartney sort-of look-alike, sing alike, and left-handed bass player Paul Sacco.  One HND fan said "there ainít no Paul McCartney like Mark EhmannĒ of HND.  Drummer Mike Daniel sings a good Ringo Starr.

When Dancing Bob was spotted on the dance floor during Honey Don't, it was electrifying.  Seeing any Beatles cover band without Dancing Bob just does not seem right.

The band does have some limitations by not having a 5th person to play keyboards [numerous Beatles songs use piano], shaker, tambourine, maracas, etc.  MAMM did do some songs that I have never heard live.  I loved the way they went from one song to another without a break.  Some of the endings were different and good.  The only thing that I thought was not quite right was that some of the songs seemed a little too slow or too fast.  The guys in the band were very nice and the sound engineer gave me the set list.

I would certainly go see this band again if they came to Dallas.  If you are a Ft. Worth resident, go see the band.  If you visit Dallas, go see A Hard Night's Day.  

Thanks Me And My Monkey for a fun night!!  Good luck at the Beatles Fest in Liverpool between August 26th Ė 31st, 2004. 

Visit MAMMís webpage at: http://www.meandmymonkey.com/ 

MAMM is listed in the Ft. Worth Weekly as the ďBest Cover Band 2003.Ē

Me And My Monkey Video - Michelle (125 seconds)


A Hard Night's Day fan having withdrawal pains of not being able to see HND on some Friday nights, due to private parties - or was it the Jager shot?

Here is a list of the songs they played:

Set One

All Iíve Got to Do
Things We Said Today
One After 909 [early version]
From Me To You
PS I Love You
Please Please Me
Iím Happy Just To Dance With You
Thank You Girl
Iím A Loser
Honey Donít
All My Loving [one of my favorites]
You Really Got A Hold On Me
Iíll Follow The Sun
Youíre Going To Lose That Girl
Tell My Why [one of my favorites]
Canít Buy Me Love
Roll Over Beethoven
I Got A Woman [from the early Cavern days/never heard it before] 

Set Two

I Feel Fine
I Donít Want To Spoil The Party
All Together Now
Rocky Raccoon
We Can Work It Out [one of my favorites]
Michelle [they dedicated this song to McCartney Richelle Waters/see video above]
The Ballad Of John And Yoko [they let me play maracas on this song]
Think For Yourself
Rain [I played tambourine from the dance floor]
Back In The USSR
Come Together
Get Back
The Night Before
Dizzy Miss Lizzie
I Want To Hold Your Hand
I Saw Her Standing There
Twist And Shout 

[I left after the second set because it was around midnight and I had to go to work the next day at 6 AM.  I understand that the band comes out in the Beatles' later dress with long hair, etc.  Here is a list of their last set.]

Set Three

A Hard Days Night
I Call Your Name
If I Needed Someone
What Youíre Doing
Anytime At All
Day Tripper [I wished I could have heard it]
Hey Bulldog [I wished I could have heard it]
Iíve Got A Feeling
And Your Bird Can Sing
Octopusís Garden
Donít Let Me Down
I Want To Tell You
Sgt. Pepper/Everybodyís Got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey
Helter Skelter


Dancing Bob and a mysterious woman

Me And My Monkey