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L-R My Brother Charles Snyder (Chili), my Dad Charlie Snyder, my Brother Gene or Eugene Snyder, the little girl is my daughter Carla.  The little boy is Terry, Gene and Lamoyne's son, and man in front is John Henry, and the older woman is Sarah Ella Barbee, John Henry Mills, Jr.'s mother - text by Sue Yates

John Henry Mills, Jr., Roger Mills, and Maxine Adeline Gleason

John Henry "Jack" Mills, Jr. (son of Ella Barbee and John Henry "Charlie" Mills)

John M. Gleason (father of Maxine Adeline Gleason) with grandson Roger Mills (Sept 1928)

John Henry Mills, Jr.

Maxine Adeline (Gleason) Mills

Jessie W. (Pratt) Gleason - mother of Maxine Adeline (Gleason) Mills

Jessie (Pratt) Gleason

Roger Mills and Geraldine (Wilson) Mills

Maxine Adeline (Gleason) Mills and Richard Mills

Richard Jonathan Mills, Maxine Adeline (Gleason) Mills, and Roger Buchanan Mills

Eleanor Mae Ondersma (wife of Richard Mills)

Richard Mills with brother Roger Mills - circa 1986

Note: Richard Jonathan Mills visited me on 6/23/2003 and gave me some info on Elizabeth (Eatman) Barbee Ketner possibly being a Cherokee (Bird clan).  I took Richard to Quinlan, Texas, to show him where his great grandparent's Jackson Barbee and Elizabeth (Eatman) Barbee Ketner are buried.  I also took him to Forney, Texas, to show him where his grandmother Ella (Barbee) Mills Joines is buried.  Richard Mills gets his name from Ella Barbee's brother Richard Victor Barbee, who is also buried in Quinlan.  Richard has the Mills and Gleason genealogies that go back some 81 generations and 12,471 names, and includes the Barbee family.

Roger Mills and Richard Mills - circa 1985

Mark Wiltzen, Pam Mills, Judith Mills, Eleanor Mills

Tyler Uselman, Sydney Johanna Uselman, and Pamela Anne Mills

Jon Mills

Jon and Shelly (Kruk) Mills

John Henry Mills Jr. and second wife Edmy Alvida Gilbertson (Washelli Cemetery, Seattle, Washington)