Brief Genealogy and Summary of Events
of the Ridge-Watie-Boudinot Family
and Ridge-Paschal-McNeir Families

(Bold type means direct line to the McNeir's)

by Paul Ridenour
written April 1997
(Revised 07/01/2010)

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Major Ridge is my wife's 4th great grandfather.

An Indian boy was born between 1765 and 1771 in the Cherokee village of Hiwassee, Tennessee. His parents died when he was young. He had a younger brother named David Oo-Watie, which means "The Ancient One." Their father's name was Oganotota. Ridge had three older brothers who all died young.  Ridge was the first to reach maturity.  He had another younger brother who died young and a sister who married and lived close by.  No one knows the names of the other brothers or sister but one of the brothers may have been Soodohlee (Sudale).

The young Indian was named Ca-Nun-Tah-Cla-Kee (other spellings include Ca-Nun-Ta-Cla-Gee and Ka-Nun-Tah-Kla-Gee), meaning "The Lion Who Walks On The Mountain Top." The white man shortened his name to Ridge. Andrew Jackson gave him the name Major because he led a force of Cherokees in the Battle of the Horseshoe against the Creeks. Other Indians called him Nung-Noh-Tah-Hee, meaning "He Who Slays The Enemy In His Path." Major Ridge was a friend of Congressman Sam Houston of Tennessee. Major Ridge's portrait is in the archives at the Smithsonian (Museum of American History-Major Ridge geo. region 3008 4050 302 ID 3008 210 7159) along with John Ridge's.

Major Ridge married Ah-Tah-Kon-Stis-Kee "Wickett" and Kate Parris' daughter Sehoya circa 1800.  Her christened name was Susannah "Susie" Catherine Wickett (circa 1775 (82) - 8/1849). Ah-Tah-Kon-Stis-Kee was Major Ridge's foster father and father-in-law. They married circa 1800. Major Ridge and Susie's children were:

Nancy Ridge - born circa 1801 Calhoun, GA - died circa 9/1818 - married William Ritchey or William Ritchie circa 1817.  One daughter born circa 9/1818 - died circa 5/1819 Cherokee Nation East, now GA
John Ridge (Skah-tle-loh-skee) - born 1802 Rome, GA - died 6/22/1839 - married Sarah Bird Northrup married 1/27/1824 at Cornwall, CT.
Unknown baby boy - died at birth
Walter S. Ridge "Watty" - born 1806 - died 1851 - married Elizabeth. Watty was "slow and weak in the mind."
Sarah Ridge - born circa April 1814, near present Rome, Georgia. Sarah's Indian name was "Sollee," pronounced "Sallie." - deed 1891
Jane Ridge - born circa 1816 - died circa 1817

Sarah Ridge's first cousin's were: 

Stand Watie - Indian name Takertawker, meaning "stand firm." He was also called Degataga, meaning "stands on both feet." Stand was born in 1806 near present Rome, Georgia. He was the last Confederate General to surrender an army when he was head of Confederate Indian forces in Arkansas and Oklahoma. He surrendered at Doaksville, Oklahoma, in 1865. Doaksville is a ghost town behind the Ft. Towson Cemetery. A historical marker for Doaksville and Stand Watie's surrender are located there. He baptism name was Isaac.

Elias Boudinot - (Stand's brother ) - took the name from the man who paid for his education. His real name was Kilakeena Watie. Kilakeena means Deer, therefore, he was called "Buck" Watie before changing his name. Elias was the first editor of the first Indian newspaper in the country, called "The Cherokee Phoenix." He was a missionary who translated the New Testament Bible and hymns into Cherokee with the help of missionary friend, Samuel A. Worcester.

Other brothers and sisters of Stand and Elias include: 
Charles Edwin Watie, John Alexander Watie, Nancy Watie, Elizabeth Watie, Susan Watie, Thomas Black Watie, and Mary Ann Watie. (genealogy)

Stand and Elias's father was David Oo-Watie (1773-1842). Their mother was Susannah Reese (1782-). Stand married Sarah Caroline Bell in 1843. Sarah was born in 1820. Stand and Sarah had five children - Saladin Ridge Watie, Charlotte Jacqueline Watie, Cumiskey Watie, Solon Watica "WA-TI-KE" Watie, and Ninnie "Minnehaha" Josephine Watie. Stand had three former marriages (records are scarce) to - Elizabeth Fields, Isabel Hicks, and Eleanor Looney. Stand may have had a daughter with Elizabeth Fields named Susannah Watie who married Charles Woodall. Stand had no grandchildren.

Major Ridge (also known as The Ridge or Ridge), his son, John Ridge, John's first cousin's Stand Watie and Elias Boudinot, and several others signed the Treaty of New Echota (Treaty dated 12/29/1835), which traded lands in Georgia for acreage in the west (Arkansas and Oklahoma).  John and Stand signed the treaty in DC on 3/1/1836.  The Cherokees did not want to leave their land. Major Ridge knew that the United States government spearheaded by President Andrew Jackson wanted the land and would force the Indians to leave. Major Ridge and other Cherokees decided to get money for their lands and leave peacefully. The government forced the remaining Cherokees off their land.

The Treaty of New Echota led to the infamous "Trail of Tears." One-fourth, or approximately 4,000 Indians died on the journey. Major Ridge, John Ridge, Stand Watie, and Elias Boudinot were blamed for the "Trail of Tears" because they signed the Treaty. On June 22, 1839, Major Ridge was murdered (shot several times by around 10-12 people) at Sugar Hill, Arkansas, by Cherokees loyal to leader John Ross (born 1790 died 1866). On the same day, John Ridge was murdered (stabbed and kicked 25 times by 25 people) in Honey Creek, Cherokee Nation (west of Southwest City, Missouri), and Elias Boudinot was murdered (tomahawked 6-7 times in back of head by two people) in Park Hill, Oklahoma. Stand escaped on Samuel Worcester's fast horse named "Comet" after being warned. Stand Watie died in 1871.

George Washington Paschal (11/23/1812-2/16/1878), was sent to guard the Cherokees on their journey.

Sarah Ridge married George Washington Paschal (picture) in East Brainerd, TN 2/27/1837. George was a lawyer and became a Judge of the Supreme Court of Arkansas. After eight years, he went into private practice to help Indian claims against the United States. Sarah and George were good friends with Sam Houston.

George and Sarah's children were:

Emily Anderson "Oo-loo-stah" Paschal - born Honey Creek, Cherokee Nation 5/18/1838 died 11/15/1844.
George Walter Paschal - born Van Buren, AR 3/1/1841 - lawyer.  He married Francis Tilley on 10/31/1872. Died in 1917 in DC.
Susan Agnes "Soonie" Paschal - born Van Buren, AR 2/20/1843 died 4/4/1846 Washington, DC (buried in the Congressional Cemetery)
Ridge Watie Paschal - born Van Buren, AR  7/27/1845 died 2/2/1907 in Tulsa, OK - lawyer.  He was Mayor of Tahlequah 1894-1895 and 1897-1899.  He married Virginia Winston on 8/5/1880.
Emily Agnes Paschal
- born Van Buren, AR 9/23/1847 died 3/15/1928 in Houston, TX (picture)
(Emily Agnes became life-long friends with General Sam Houston's daughter Nettie)
John Franklin Paschal - born Galveston, TX 2/18/1849 died 6 weeks (ones source indicates he died circa 2/1851).

George and Sarah Paschal moved to Galveston, TX, shortly Emily Agnes Paschal was born..

Stand Watie killed James Foreman in self-defense. George Washington Paschal represented Stand in court and Stand was found to be innocent.

Sarah and George divorced and she married Charles Sisson Pix (English). They were married in the home of Texas Governor Mirabeau B. Lamar. Sarah Pix traded her land in Galveston for 540 acres in Smith's Point. Sarah and Charles had one child, Charles Forest Pix (7/24/1857-11/13/1874). Sarah divorced Pix and was the first woman in Texas to keep her "disputed" property after a divorce. Emily Agnes Paschal wrote the legal brief for her mother.

When Sarah (picture) died on 1/8/1891 in Smith's Point, TX., all her possessions went to Emily Agnes Paschal.

Emily Agnes Paschal married William McNeir (Scottish) on 10/5/1871. William (picture) was born 7/4/1836. Their children were:

John Forest McNeir (10/27/1872 - 10/27/1872 Smith Point, TX)
Forest Waldemar McNeir - born 8/16/1875 died 5/9/1957 in Houston. Forest's team won a gold cup in trapshooting at the Olympics in 1920.
He married Stella L. Frick in 1905. His Indian name which means Forest is "Seluya."
George "Paschal" McNeir - born Smith's Point, TX 9/9/1877 died 9/24/1963 (picture)

William McNeir died when Forest was four and George "Paschal" was two.  William died 8/8/1879.

George "Paschal" McNeir married Sarah Edith Hogan on 11/1/1905 in Houston, TX. Sarah Edith Hogan was born 1877 died Freeport, TX 6/20/1963. Their children were:

Kathryn Agnes Paschal McNeir - born Smith's Point, TX 10/18/1906 died 12/24/1998
Note: She wrote "A Brief Biography of the Indian Princess - Sarah Ridge" [the family does not like this name because there is no such thing as an Indian Princess, however, that was a common usage at the time]
Edith Lenore McNeir - born Wallisville, TX 4/26/1910 died 5/20/1992
Margaret Celeste McNeir - born Wallisville, TX 4/26/1910 died 7/11/1910 Anahuac, TX
George "Watie" McNeir - born Galveston, TX 9/23/1914 died Garland, TX 11/27/1987

George "Watie" McNeir is my wife's grandfather.  Watie married Louise Mozelle Hansen (1913-9/12/2000)

A historical marker for Sarah Ridge Paschal Pix was dedicated on 6/14/1980 at Smith's Point, TX.

In the 1970's, the home of Major Ridge, where Sarah grew up, in Rome, Georgia, was opened as the Chieftains Museum.  In 2002, the name was changed to Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home, which is a National Historic Landmark and a certified historic and interpretive site on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.

In 1995, the U.S. Post Office issued Civil War Commemorative stamps including a stamp of Stand Watie.

The "Lizard" brand used by Major Ridge, Sarah Ridge, and Emily Agnes (Paschal) McNeir is burned into the wall at the Kleberg Center at Texas A&M. The book of brands reads - McNeir Ranch, Chambers County, TX, 1856. The book was signed by relatives Ruth Stanford and Kathryn (McNeir) Stuart. The original brand owned by the family is currently at the Chieftains Museum/Major Ridge Home.

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