Mt. Tabor Starr Studded Event - April 9, 2005

The Mt. Tabor Indian Cemetery
(Mount Tabor Indian Cemetery)
Rusk County, Texas

Buried there are mostly Cherokees, some Choctaws, some Chickasaws, and some Creeks

Latitude - Longitude
3219531N - 09454202W

A five-acre cemetery circa 1845 - 1866 that was destroyed by oil men in the 1950/60s

Created 2/27/2005
Updated 8/15/2013

by Paul Ridenour email

After trying to find this cemetery since 2/13/2003, I finally found it on 2/27/2005.  For Mt. Tabor Indian Community history, my journey in finding the cemetery, and a list of who is buried there, go to Mount Tabor Indian Cemetery

Update 2/27/2005

Bettie Rhodes and Gerald Cubine met Dottie Ridenour, Gary Malone, and myself at the Laird Hill Post Office.  We followed them to the Mount Tabor Indian Cemetery.

I am not sure what town it is located in but it is between Laird Hill and Leverett's Chapel.

Before I give directions, I want to thank a number of people who helped me, encouraged me, emailed me, returned phone calls, and gave me good information:

Frank Williamson of Oklahoma - the one who first told me about it and peaked my interest
Gary Malone
- for two trips with me to the area and documenting everything

Dottie Ridenour
- for being there when we found it

Jerry Charles "
JC" Thompson of Seattle, now Oklahoma, and soon to be Texas - someone I hope to meet soon who put together a webpage of who was buried there.  He also said that two other cemeteries deserve historical markers - Laird-Thompson Cemetery and Asbury Cemetery.  Jerry Charles Thompson verified that I did find the Mt. Tabor Indian Cemetery.
Bettie Rhodes
of Laird Hill - whose father-in-law lived by the cemetery and whose husband Ray Dan Rhodes went out to the cemetery in 1969 and the experience was recorded in the book
Genealogy of "Old and New Cherokee Indian Families" by George Morrison Bell, Sr.  I could not have found it without you and I really appreciate the time you took to show us.
Gerald Cubine
of Laird Hill - friend of Bettie Rhodes who did not know about this cemetery until recently.  Gerald has relatives named "Fears" and so do I.
Jay Hannah
of Oklahoma - secretary-treasurer of the Cherokee Nation and a Starr descendant
Helen Hahn
of Ft. Worth - a Starr descendant who sent many emails and put me in contact with Bettie Rhodes
Linda Laminack
of Longview - Longview Public Library
Darla Hair
of Tyler
Nancy Brown
of Southwest City, MO
Gloria B. Mayfield
of Rusk County

Virginia Knapp
of Henderson
Paul Harrison
- married to Foster Bean's daughter
Mrs. Bean
- spouse of Jack Starr Bean

Franz Spear - son of Mrs. Bean
Lee Richardson
of California
Larry W. Ward of Ft. Worth
Colleen Chronister of Oklahoma

Jay Hannah and Helen Hahn have Starr ancestors buried there and have both been there when they were young.

Update 3/29/2005

Patti Haskins, archeological steward with the Texas Historical Commission, sent me the E. Hobson and M. Y. Y'Barbo surveys (see survey below)
Lynda Jones
a member of the Board of Directors of the Rusk County Historical Commission and research volunteer, along with Patti Haskins are presently working on securing a cemetery designation and historical marker for Mt. Tabor

Directions and Map

A = Dick Wells "B" Well #5 [from here you can see the water tower at Leveretts Chapel High, B = Where John Bell's house used to be, C = White oil separator tank, D = Dick Wells "B" #6, E = Mt. Tabor Cemetery, F = Dick Wells "B" Well #18

Mt. Tabor Indian Cemetery was exactly as others have described, especially J.C. Thompson.

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Mt. Tabor Indian Cemetery according to Bettie Rhodes - two small pine trees at the road
Latitude - Longitude from the driver's door
3219531N - 09454202W

Sunken grave about 15 steps from the road

Sunken grave

From the first sunken grave to the road (Bettie and Dottie)


White oil separator tank

White oil separator tank looking towards E - about 63 paces from the tank to the cars is Mt. Tabor Indian Cemetery


Working pump (noisy) to the right of the oil separator tank.
Dick Wells "B" #6

Many sunken graves

The dark areas are sunken graves

The only stones or rocks in the area were found by the sunken holes

10+ sunken graves
Latitude - Longitude
3219531N - 09454202W


Working pump where the road loops around - A sign reads "Amoco Company" and "Dick Wells "B" Well #18"

Deep hole and a stone

Several sunken holes and a stone in the foreground with an oil pipe in the background

Several oil pipes were laid on top of the ground in those days and now many have settled under ground

Gerald Cubine and Bettie Rhodes

Original location of Philip Dan Rhodes' home

Working pump - Dick Wells "B" Well #5- where the road loops

Updated 3/21/2005

Added the following pictures

At #5 pump, one can see the water tower at the Leveretts Chapel School (left of the tree in the middle)