Major Ridge Home

New Echota Historical Site

Cherokee Nation Capital 1825 - 1838

One mile east of Calhoun, Georgia, on Highway 225


by Paul Ridenour email


Location of Elias Boudinot's house.  Major Ridge, Elias Boudinot, and several others signed the Treaty of New Echota in 1835 in his house.  John Ridge and Stand Watie signed the treaty in March 1836 in DC.

Replica of the Council House

Replica of printer

Replica of Supreme Court

Joe Vann's actual tavern - moved to New Echota

Joe's tavern store - The small drive-thru window at middle left was for those not worthy of going inside

Room where Joe Vann slept with original fireplace

Samuel Worcester's actual home - Samuel was a missionary and close friend of Elias Boudinot

It was inevitable that the Cherokees had to leave Georgia.  Whites outnumbered them six to one and were stealing their homes, land, and gold.