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2003 Summer Vacation to Maine, New Brunswick. Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia
by Paul Ridenour

Saturday 7/5/2003

Left DFW Airport at 12:45 PM CST and flew to Portland, Maine.  Had to stop in Chicago.  Alamo Car Rental was supposed to give us a compact car for $25 but they did not have any.  Instead, they gave us a Buick Rendezvous (SUV), which worked out well.  Spent the night in Freeport at the Kendall Tavern Bed and Breakfast (B&B) in the city.  Ate lobster Rolls for dinner at Muddy Rudder. Shopped at the 24-hour L. L. Bean.

Kendall Tavern B&B - Freeport, Maine

Sunday 7/6/2003

Drove 3 hours to Bar Harbor along the ocean (Highway 1).  Ate lobster at the pier.  Shopped at Geddy's.  Drove 3 hours to Lubec and spent the night with a friend's parents.  We ate Haddock and had the best strawberry pie ever at Uncle Kippy's.  Drove to several lighthouses and picked up some round rocks at the eastern most part of the United States.  Saw a few sea otters gathering crabs for their family.  Lobster buoys were everywhere.  Everything depends on high tide and low tide.  Took pictures of the sun going down.  The sun comes up at around 4 AM.

Bar Harbor, Maine

West Quaddy Lighthouse, Lubec, Maine

Johnson Bay, Lubec, Maine

Monday 7/7/2003

Drove across the bridge at 8 AM EST to Campobello Island in Canada.  Time was now 9 AM ATL.   Took a small ferry to Deer Island.  Drove through Deer Island admiring the Lupins.  Took another ferry to St. George, New Brunswick.  Drove through St. John along the beach to Hopewell Cape, where one can walk on the bottom of the ocean beside huge rocks when the tide is low.  When the tide is high, the rocks are covered up to the vegetation.  The tide rises (and falls) at one inch per minute up to 24 feet.  We arrived at Prince Edward Island (PEI) at about 6 PM and spent the night at Art Gallery B&B in Summerside, PEI (in the country).

Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick (low tide)

Art Gallery B&B, Summerside, Prince Edward Island (PEI)

Tuesday 7/8/2003

Drove through PEI and hung out at the beach.  Ate Blue Mussels for lunch in Kensington, PEI.  Took the tour of "Anne of Green Gables" and other sites from the famous novel.  Shopped at Memories Gift Shop in New London, PEI.  Took the ferry from PEI to Nova Scotia.  The sky and water were so blue.  Spent the night at the McLeod Inn B&B by the ocean in Inverness, Nova Scotia. 

"Anne of Green Gables," Green Gables, PEI

Lupins (similar to Texas Bluebonnets) - PEI


PEI Lighthouse

McLeod Inn B&B, Inverness, Nova Scotia

Wednesday 7/9/2003

Drove up the Cabot Trail to Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  Took a five mile hike on the Skyline Trail where we saw 9 moose, 3 bald eagles, and 3 grouse.  Took the Bog Trail and saw insect eating plants.  Met some nice Canadians named Brad and Kim Jewell.  Had lunch with them - lobster crepes.  Ice Cream and Lobster stands were everywhere so we finally got some ice cream.  Went on the "Wesley Whale Watch" boat off the coast of Pleasant Bay for an hour where we saw 15-20 Pilot whales, 2 Fin whales (75 feet long), and a seal.  We spent the night at a Motor Inn near the water in Inverness.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton

Moose (not our Canadian friend) - Skyline Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Three Pilot whales - Pleasant Bay, Nova Scotia

Inverness, Nova Scotia

Thursday 7/10/2003

Drove to Halifax and saw the "Titanic" cemetery, which is inside the Fairview Cemetery.  Had a nice lunch (lamb) at an Italian restaurant owned by Czechs who served mainly Hungarian food.  Spent the night in Shelburne, Nova Scotia.  Had a nice steak with blue cheese at a French bistro named Cafe Patrick.  Shelburne was patterned after Philadelphia because it used to be the 3rd largest city in North America.  Those who were loyal to England became refugees and had a meeting in New York.  The wealthier ones went back to  England while the rest migrated to Shelburne.  In the 1780s, Shelburne could not handle the 10,000 people, so many went back to England and America.  We stayed at the Cooper's Inn B&B in the city and on the water. 

"Titanic" cemetery at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Cooper's Inn B&B, Shelburne, Nova Scotia



Friday 7/11/2003

Drove about 2 hours to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  Took the Cat Ferry ($216) to Bar Harbor - www.catferry.com.  Like a good Baptist, I won $148 on the ship's dollar slot machines.  We spent the night at the Ledgelawn Inn B&B in Bar Harbor.  We ate dinner at Geddy's and did some shopping.  This was the first and only day it rained.

Ledgelawn Inn B&B, Bar Harbor, Maine

My wife and I do not believe in ghosts.  We stayed on the second floor I believe at the Ledgelawn Inn on 7/11/2003.  We were laying in bed in the late afternoon.  There is an old woman's portrait hanging in the bathroom and I thought that was sort of weird.  We were lying in the bed with a window to the left (facing away from the water) with a small standup mirror on the floor.  My wife fell asleep. I saw a woman with her gray hair up in a bun walk in front of the mirror from left to right but only her image was inside the mirror. I did not say anything to my wife.  About two weeks later, I talked to her about it and she said she saw the same thing in a different mirror.  She did not bring it up at the time because if we both said we saw it, we would have freaked out and left the Inn.  She figured it was some kind of shadow from the window.  I found this webpage http://www.allaboutghosts.com/stays2.html about two months later that states "Any of you old-timers remember Dark Shadows? Well, this is it. Bar Harbor was the location of the fictional "Collinsport."  And here all along we thought it was just television props! Four spirits are said to wander the grounds here. The first is a lady, most often seen at twilight, walking the path near the shore, her long cloak swirling about her even if there is no wind. Many think she may be the wife of a sea captain, awaiting his return. In the Reading Room Restaurant are two different men often seen sitting by the window dressed in Victorian era clothing. Lastly, there is Katherine, a young woman who died here. She haunts the third floor of the Ledgelawn Inn here in Bar Harbor."

Saturday 7/12/2003

Drove back to Portland via Bangor, Maine.  Stopped and shopped in Freeport for 2 hours and had lunch.  Got on the plane about 4:30 PM, stopped in Chicago, and arrived back in Dallas at 9:50 PM.

I drove about 1,669 miles.  Weather was always in the 50s at night and 80s during the day.  I drove 100-120 the entire time (kilometers).  I took around 270 digital photos and two rolls of film (mostly moose and whales.)  All in all, a perfect trip!