Oklahoma City and Anadarko, OK

September 6, 2008

Webpage by Paul Ridenour


Dottie and I have been wanting to go to Oklahoma City to see the painting of Stand Watie's Last Surrender at the Capital.  We also wanted to see Stand Watie's bust/monument in Anadarko, OK.

We decided to visit Oklahoma City when Jay Hannah and Jack Baker would be in town.

We met them at 9 AM at the Capitol.  We were not able to see the Watie painting as it was in the Senate Chambers and it was locked.  Jay made some phone calls to Senator Pro-tem Glen Coffee but was unable to get a hold of him. We will have to go back again when it is open. 

Jay mentioned there was a festival going on but he did not remember the name.  He said we celebrate anything in Oklahoma.  He said it could be Opossum Day, Cat Hair Macramé Day, or Dental Floss Day.

Jay had to leave to get ready to attend the OU-Cincinnati game with his wife.  Jack took us to the new Oklahoma Historical Society Archives and Museum (OHS).  An excellent museum.  It was free as they were celebrating Septemberfest.  The Governor's mansion was also open for free tours.

Afterwards, we had lunch with Jack at Mamasita's, not to be confused with the Houston based Mama and Papa restaurants.  I had the Blue Corn Sour Cream Chicken Enchilada and Jalapeno Cream Cheese Chicken Enchilada.  They both tasted good but the Jalapeño Cream Cheese was better.

Dottie and I drove by Stand Watie Elementary School on our way to Anadarko to visit the outdoor museum called The National Hall of Fame for Famous American Indians.

Oklahoma Capitol

Dennis Charles Hannah brick at the Capitol [father of Jay Hannah]

Dennis Charles Hannah brick, located 4th column from left, third brick up, marked by the rectangle above


Capitol Rotunda

Jack Baker and Jay Hannah

1925 Oklahoma flag

The Old OHS building

The new OHS


Dottie Ridenour and Jack Baker at OHS [Board of Directors]

First parking meter and shopping cart ever used were in Oklahoma

William Penn Adair at OHS Civil War display

Sarah Watie's shawl, wife of Stand Watie

Stand Watie and Albert Pike used his quilt while staying with the Hester family

Stand Watie's wallet

Hair snood worn by Sarah Watie

Stand Watie display at OHS

Capital can be seen from inside the new OHS building

Document handed to Otoe Warrior Big Axe in 1804, signed by Lewis and Clark.  His descendants had it until 1998 and then gave it to the museum.  It included a letter written in French by President Thomas Jefferson.  Worth $3.1 million today.

Governor's mansion

Stand Watie Elementary, 3517 S Linn Ave, OK, home of the "Foxes" [Red Fox]

"Stand Watie" in the marble above both doors   

Simon R. Walkingstick, Cherokee  -  National Hall of Fame for Famous American Indians

Stand Watie, Cherokee

Stand Watie

Stand Watie

Pocahontas, Powhatan

Sequoyah, Cherokee


Jim Thorpe [Wa-Tho-Buck], Sac and Fox and part Potawatomi, 1912 Olympics' Greatest Athlete

Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

Hiawatha, Mohawk Chief

Geronimo, Apache

Tecumseh, Shawnee

Cochise, Apache Chief

Santanta [White Bear], Kiowa War Chief

Stumbling Bear, Kiowa Chief

Pontiac, Ottawa Chief in Detroit

Sacagawea, Shoshoni

Tishomingo, Chickasaw War Chief

Kicking Bird, Kiowa Chief

Pushmataha, Choctaw Chief

John Ross, Cherokee Principle Chief

Will Rogers, Cherokee

Downtown Anadarko, OK

Redskin Theatre - Anadarko

Gainesville High School students at Wendy's