Paris, France - 1997
Paul Ridenour

Created 08/01/2005

Digital copies of 35mm photos

Dottie's sister Desi went to Paris for six months to take a photography class.  She invited Dottie and I to stay with her in her apartment.  So, we took a 10 day trip to Paris.

Wednesday July 9

Departed Dallas at 2:50 PM
Watched the "Marvin's Room" movie while Dottie slept on the plane
Saw Desi's "Delta Sky Miles" commercial twice on the plane

Thursday July 10

Arrived in Paris at 8:45 PM
Desi met us at the airport
Walked to Notre Dame/Seine River
Tried to stay awake as long as we could
Dottie was so tired she does not remember anything
Ate chocolate and raspberry sorbet
We both took naps
Desi, Yann, and I went to eat late by the Pantheon

Our Latin Quarter apartment view in the 5th Arrondissement (5th District)

Getting ready for the day

Desi, Dottie, and liberal French soon-to-be lawyer Yann

Friday July 11

Walked by The Sorbonne
Visited the Jarden de Luxembourg/Senate
Visited outside of Notre Dame
Walked along the Seine River
Saw Venus de Milo at night from outside the window at the Louvre
Yann gave us a tour through Gay Paree' (1st District)

Note:  I shaved my head and grew a goatee before going to Paris not knowing that that was the gay look in Paris.  As I was walking down the middle of the street in the gay district, apparently a lot of men were looking at me.  Yann said I was the "King of the Road."  I got a lot of kisses blown my way from guys during my time in Paris.

Notre Dame

The Sorbonne (University of Paris) - where John Calvin and St. Thomas Aquinas attended (and actor Bill Murray)

Paris streets

Jarden de Luxembourg

Looking at Le Menu

Saturday July 12

Visited the Pantheon, Saint Genevieve Church, Musee D' Orsay, and Notre Dame
Had strawberry/apricot crepes

French breakfast

Voltaire's tomb - The Pantheon

"Whistler's Mother" - Musee D' Orsay

Sunday July 13

Breakfast with Desi in St. Germaine
Visited St. Germaine Des Press Church and Saint Chapelle
Bought proof coins (Venus de Milo and Michelangelo's "David"),  two bronze medallions, and a print at the Louvre
At dinner, we had pizza and a socialist conversation with Yann
Mailed cat postcards to my parents
Yann's Death March - looking for the fireworks but it was the wrong night

Saint Chapelle - 1154 Bible stories illustrated in the stained glass (built in four years during the 1100 ADs)

Michelangelo's "David" and Venus De Milo coins from the Louvre.  These two have a lot in common and we
think they should get together.  Only one drawback to the relationship, David will never get a hug.

Bronze medallions from the Louvre

Monday July 14

Bastille Day
We slept late
Visited the Louvre
Watched fireworks at the Eiffel Tower from the Louvre/Jarden de Tuilleries

Venus de Milo - The Louvre
"Venus has quite the Adam's apple...hmm"

Renaissance Man - The Louvre

Tuesday July 15

Visited the Monnaie de Paris Musee and boutique
Bought coins/medallions at the boutique
Visited the Eiffel Tower
Walked to the Arc d' Triomphe but it was closed due to dignitaries
The subway was partially closed
We washed some clothes and went to bed early

Eiffel Tower - 900 days before year 2000

Arc de Triomphe

Wednesday July 16

Bought the Paris version of the Beatles' "Rubber Soul" LP
Train to Versailles was partially closed so we took the bus and subway
Visited Versailles and took a private apartment tour
Subway lost power for a few minutes and we smelled smoke
Took a Seine River boat ride which was a bit cold (Desi and her friend Ruth Davalos walked along the shore)
We ate banana crÍpes
Dottie said "Thank You" then "Merci" in her sleep (very funny)
The sun never really went down - it was always light
Supper at 10 PM was not uncommon

Paris metro


Hall of Mirrors - Versailles

Rue de Abbey ?

Thursday July 17

Breakfast crepes with Desi and Ruth
Visited inside of Arc D' Triomphe (lots of steps)
It was a "day of many steps"
Walked past the LeDoyen restaurant (Dottie's maiden name is Doyen)
We shopped and bought several souvenir spoons
Visited Sacre' Coeur
Ate another Gyro (we had lots of them) / Orangina

LeDoyen Restaurant

Sacre' Coeur - "Sacred Heart"

Shopping with the Des

Friday July 18

It rained for the first time
Between 9 - 11 AM, I took pictures of Notre Dame, The Sorbonne, Musee de Rodin, St. Louis de Invalides, Napoleon's tomb (Eglise Du Dome), and the UNESCO building
Met six girls from the University of Georgia and told them what all they could do in Paris with limited time
Lunch with Desi and Ruth
Bought the Paris version of the Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" LP on Apple Records
Visited Jarden de Plantes and Jarden de Luxembourg while a band played
Met Dana Ziyasheva (pronounced Donna) at a subway and we exchanged gifts [A common practice with folks from the USSR]
Note: I first met Dana in 1991 in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan [USSR].  She worked for UNESCO and was living in Paris by 1997 
Had dinner with Desi, Ruth, Yann, and Dana
The waiter told lawyer and Jewish jokes
Yann told a hilarious joke about 'killing a bee"

Note:  When in a foreign country, one should dress like the locals and try not to stand out.  One should never wear blue jeans, white tennis shoes, and brightly colored Polo shirts in Paris.  I wore black clothes.  Also, try to order your food in French - the waiters will respect you even if you are not 100% correct.  I was stopped twice by people on the street thinking I was French and my friend from Kazakhstan who speaks Russian told me I looked "perfectly French."

Thinking Man - Musee de Rodin

Napoleon's tomb (6 more tombs inside) - St. Louis de Invalides

Dana on right

Saturday July 19

We took a taxi to the airport
Departed at noon
Watched "Fools Rush In" on the plane
Arrived in Dallas at 5:30 PM
My parents picked us up
We went straight to Chili's in Rockwall
Ran into Traci Ivy and Pastor Steve Stroope