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The William Paschall Family
(including George Washington Paschal and Sarah Ridge)

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Paschal Crest

by Paul Ridenour

Updated 03/26/2019


Paschal Pictures

I obtained the information below originally from the following webpage: http://pedigree.ancestry.lycos.com/cgi-bin/pedview.dll?ti=2816&ind=1&file=G954

William Paschall (6/22/1693 - 11/06/1774 Butte, NC) married #1 Reliance Dennis (1708 - ca. 1765) (Dottie Ridenour's 6th great grandparents) in 1728 and #2 Sara Ruth Rachel (1730 - 1768) in 1743 and #3 wife Tabitha Inglis.

1.  Samuel Paschall (4/1/1727 - ) married Phereba Ward

Reliance Paschall
Mary Paschall
William Paschall
John Seth Paschall - descendant Kevin Paschal [his 5th great grandfather]
Rachel Paschall
Sarah Paschall
Susan Paschall
Nancy Paschall
Mildred Paschall married William Cawthorne on 9/4/1783 [family name today is spelled Cauthen]
Betty Paschall
married Henry Van Landingham on 1/4/1787
Phereba Paschall
Samuel Dennis Paschall
Milton Paschall

2. John Paschall (1729 Middlesex, New Jersey  - 1776, Grandville, North Carolina) married Isabella Unknown

James Paschall
Silas Paschall
Samuel Paschall
John M Paschall
Reliance Paschall

3.  Isaiah Paschall (1731 Middlesex, NJ - 1795 in Franklin, NC) married #1 Margaret Nichols in 1753 in Granville, NC (Dottie Ridenour's 5th great grandparents)

William Paschall (1754 Granville, NC - 1818 Franklin, NC) married Martha Patsey in 1774 in Granville, NC
George Paschall (12/1762 Granville, SC - 9/14/1832 Oglethorpe, GA) married Agnes Brewer (6/22/1776 - 10/27/1869 Lumpkin, GA)
on 11/25/1802 in Oglethorpe, GA (
Dottie Ridenour's 4th great grandparents)
Note:  Descendants of George Paschall can become members of the DAR and SAR

Augustus Burrell Julias Nichols Paschall (10/1/1803 Oglethorpe, GA - 1846 Craw, AR)

Lorenzo G. Paschall

Isaiah Addison Sanders Goode Paschal married Mary Chew Richardson on 2/16/1844 in Rapi, LA
Isaiah was a Texas State Senator in the 1850s

Franklin Lafayette Warren Greene Paschall (1/15/1810 Oglethorpe, GA - 2/13/1884 Bexar, TX)
married Mary Frances Roach on 5/30/1844 in Bexar, TX
Texas Ranger
under Capt. John C. Hays
Private in Capt. Clark L. Owen's Company A of Col. Joseph H. D. Rogers's First Regiment
Permanent Volunteers, of the Army of the Republic of Texas
Elected Bexar County coroner and elected sheriff in 1843 but resigned and ran successfully for the House of Representatives,
where he represented Bexar County in the Eighth Legislature (184344) of the
Republic of Texas.
San Antonio city council, as city tax collector, and as crier of the United States district and circuit courts


        George Paschal - (attorney/mayor of San Antonio)

        Franklin L. Paschal, M.D. (10/22/1843 - ) married Ladie Napier in 1878
        President of the West Texas Medical Society in 1893
        Health officer of San Antonio from 1899 to 1903
        Member of the state Board of Medical Examiners from 1901 to 1903
        President of the Medical Association of Texas in 1903
        Charter member of the American College of Surgeons in 1914
        President of the Texas Surgical Society in 1920
        Founded the Associated Charities of San Antonio and aided in building the Physicians and Surgeons Hospital


                Franklin L. Paschal married Stella Unknown

                        Franklin L. Paschal (twin) - deceased/son is Frank Lafayette Paschal email
                        Ladie Jane Paschal (twin) - never married/deceased
                        Ella Katherine Paschal - adopted/deceased
                        Stella Mae Paschal married Bonard Rohde

                George H. Paschal, M.D. married Mary Louise Steele

                        George H. Paschal, Jr. married Olive Hill (deceased)
                        James Steele Paschal married Lorraine Hebdon (both deceased)

                                Laura Drummond email
                                James Steele Paschal, Jr.

                Edwin Paschal married unknown

                        Frank Paschal (raised by Nellie Paschal and Walter Walthall below)
                        Edwin Paschal
(raised by Nellie Paschal and Walter Walthall below)

                Nellie Paschal married Walter Walthall

                        Walter Walthall M.D. married Alice Ruth Brady
                        Edwin Walthall married Margaret J. Hibler

                            Meredith Walthall email married Dr. A. J. Elsik, Jr., DDS  - son of John Andrew Hibler Elsik
                            Edwin Walthall, Jr.

                        Frank Paschal "Paschal" or "Bub" Walthall married Sarah Martin
                        James Walthall
                        Thomas P. Walthall married Bobby unknown

                Betty Paschal married a Saunders

        Mary Frances Paschal married Herman Huppertz

                Mary Francis Huppertz - educator in San Antonio/Elementary School named after her/never married
Mary F. Huppertz Elementary School - http://www.saisd.net/school/139/temp/history.html]

                Lily Huppertz

                George Huppertz

                Possibly two more Huppertz

                Ernestine Huppertz "Nessie" ( - 1921) married William Schoch
                (School superintendent in San Antonio around 1900s)

                        Mary Frances Schoch married Harold Charles Albert Herman Vogtel (from Ulm, MN)

                                Mary Frances Vogtel (12/26/1918 Minneapolis, MN - circa 9/24/1991 La Jolla,  California)
married #1 Arvin Nelson Norwood and #2 John W. Smith
                                Children #1:

                                         Michael Vogtel Smith (Born Arvin Nelson Norwood on 1/12/1940 - changed name in 1944)
                                         married #1 Sue Mueck and #2 Nancy
                                         Children #1:

                                                    Jordan Meredith Smith (circa 11/15/1971 - )

                                         Children #2:

                                                    Seth Michael Smith
                                                    Noah Smith                                                   

                                Children #2:

                                        Mary Frances "Francie" Smith email (6/18/1946 - ) married Mr.  Entz
                                        Stephanie Smith (9/10/1950 - )
                                        Ian Arthur Smith (circa 2/6/1952 - ) - has a daughter named Suzanne Smith

                                Jeanne Ness Vogtel (9/17/1923  Salina, KS - ) - never married

                                Constance Vogtel "Connie" email (1/16/1933 - Salina, KS)
married #1 Adams #2 Dick McLamore and #3 Jennings
                                Children #1:

                                        Nina Adams (8/6/1951 - ) married #1 W. R. Mahaffay and #2 Randy Jay Jones
                                        Children #1:

                                                    Whitney Ann Mahaffay (12/26/1976 - ) married Joshua Davis Vaughn on 4/6/2002
                                                    Josh is Cherokee

                                                                Seth Vaughn (circa 10/17/2002 - )
                                                                Kaleb Vaughn (1/17/2004 - )

                                                    Justin Craig Mahaffay (3/3/1981 - )

                                        Children #2:

                                                    Amber Lynn Jones (11/22/1994 - )

                                        George Michael Adams (11/11/1962 - ) married Marian Jo McGallian

                                                    Jake Frederick Adams (8/3/1974 - 12/5/1993)
                                                    Heather Michelle Adams (7/27/1977 - ) married Parker Bradley on 5/28/2003

                                Children #2:

                                        Richard Vogtel McLamore married #1 Darcy Litzerman (7/4/1993 - ) and
                                        #2 Diana
Lambiase email on 3/11/2000
                                        Children #1:

                                                    Quin James McLamore (8/23/1994 - )

                                        Children #2:

                                                    Sean Richard McLamore (7/16/2003 - )

                        William Schoch (1900 Chicago - 1904 Chicago)

                    Lorenzo Columbus "George" Washington Paschal (12/13/1812 Skull Shoals, GA - 2/18/1878 DC)
#1 Sarah Ridge [a Cherokee] on 2/27/1837 in East Brainerd, TN - see Paschal Pictures
Dottie Ridenour's 3rd great grandparents)

Emily Anderson Paschal
George Walter Paschal
Susan Agnes Paschal
Ridge Watie Paschal
Emily Agnes Paschal
married William McNeir (Dottie Ridenour's 2nd great grandparents)(see Major Ridge to the McNeir Family of Texas)
John Franklin Paschal

George Washington Paschal married #2 Marcia (Duval) Price on 3/25/1852 in Travis, TX

F. Elizabeth Paschal (1853 Travis, TX - 1931 England) married #1  Frank(lin) Harrison Gassaway in 1873 [one son]
Married #2 Capt. Edward M. Wright in 1878,  He killed himself in 2/1880 after they separated

Married #3 T. P. O'Connor in 1885

George Washington Paschal married #3 Mary Lois (Scoville) Harper in 1869

Samuel Scoville Paschal (3/17/1875 Wash, DC - 1/17/1917 Mont, VA) married Lois Sherman on 5/12/1897 in Wash, DC

Note: George Washington Paschal wrote several books including A Digest of the Laws of Texas (1866) and The Constitution of the United States Defined and Carefully Annotated (1868). He also wrote a book about his mother: Ninety-Four Years: The Life of Agnes Paschal.  George W. Paschal become friends with Sam Houston through his wife Sarah Ridge.  Sarah's daughter Emily Agnes Paschal was also good friends with Sam's daughter Nellie Houston.  The families remained friends through the next generation totaling 150+ years.  Sam Houston received a letter from President Abraham Lincoln asking him if he needed troops in Texas.  Houston turned to four friends including George W. Paschal and they all said "no."  

The Constitution of the United States Defined and Carefully Annotated (1868) - a 2005 paperback reprint can be bought at www.amazon.com for around $27.

Clarissa Harlow Paschall (2/28/1814 Oglethorpe, GA - 1854) married Thomas Lilly on 6/15/1834 in Lumpkin, GA

Theresa Marian Paschall (3/7/1816 Oglethorpe, GA - after 1860) married John F. Lilly on 2/14/1839 in Lumpkin, GA

Elizabeth S. Paschall (7/23/1818 - 7/23/1818)

Sarah P. Paschall (7/23/1818 - 7/23/1818)

Delilah S. Paschall (7/23/1818 - 7/23/1818)

Isaiah #2 wife Ann Jones

Isaiah Paschall
John H Paschall
Lucinda Paschall
Dennis Paschall

4.  William Paschall (1733 - ) married Unknown Aspen

Hannah Paschall
Thomas Paschall married Nancy Price

        Elizabeth Paschal married Rev. Daniel Field James 1795-1871 (his third wife) - a 2nd great grandson Eric James (this is the same Jesse and Frank James family)

5.   Elisha Paschall (1735 - ) married Nancy Ann

William Paschall
Jerusha Paschall
Samuel Paschall
Elizabeth Paschall
Alexander Paschall
John Paschall
Elisha Paschall
Jesse Paschall
Rachel Paschall
Reliance Ellanor Paschall
Isaiah Paschall
Ezekiel Paschall

6.   James Paschall (1737 - 1792) married Unknown in 1762

Samuel Paschall married Dizey Long
Robert Paschall married Lucy Todd

        Richard Paschall married Nancy Bray

            Richard Bray paschal married Matilda Schmidt

                    John Taylor Paschal (1848 - 1924 NC) married Rebecca Jane Gilbert
                    He was a school teacher, merchant, farmer, and a member of the NC House of Representatives in the late 1880's.
                    His is buried in Brush Creek Baptist Church cemetery, southwest of Siler City, NC.

                    Robert Lee Paschall [twin] (7/7/1869 Chatham, NC - 1959 Tarrant Co, TX) married Mary Lyle Martin.  Robert became principal
                    of Central High School in Ft. Worth (Texas)  in 1906.  He retired in 1935 and the school was renamed to Robert L. Paschal High School.

                    George Washington Paschal [twin] (7/7/1869 Chatham, NC - 6/13/1956 in Chatham, NC) married Laura Allen Paschal
                    George Washington Paschal was a writer of several books including a History of North Carolina Baptists, Volume  I and II,
                    and A History of Printing in North Carolina, History of Wake Forest College, Volume I-III, and A Study of Quintus of Smyrna.


                            Allen Paschal
                            George Paschal - father of
Robert Paschal
                            Richard Paschal
                            Laura Helen Paschal
                            Ruth Paschal
                            Catherine Paschal
                            Francis Paschal
                            Paul Paschal
                            Edward  Paschal
                            Mary Paschal

John Paschall (1772 - 1840) married Patsy Mary Wilson in 1798 - a descendant Joe Paschall
James Paschall married Rachel Wilson
Joshua Paschall married Lucy Hicks
Edmond Paschall married Nancy Wilson
Patience Paschall
Elizabeth Paschall married Turner Johnson
Eluena Paschall married Eppa Booth
Sarah Paschall married Zacharias Rives

7.   Dennis Paschall (1739 - ) married unknown

Anderson Paschall married Sally M. Twitty
Nichols Paschall (1770 - after 1820 IL) married
Sarah Sally Roderique ( - 1813) about 1800
Elisha B Paschall married Nancy Haygood
Mary Paschall married John Haygood
Sarah Paschall

8.   Thomas Paschall (1741 - ) married Charity Russell

Nancy Paschall
William Paschall
Thomas Paschall
Mary Paschall
John Paschall
Elizabeth Paschall
Henry Paschall
Michael Wood Paschall
Robert Paschall
Martha A Paschall
Bushaba Paschall

9.   Sarah Paschall (1743 - ) married William Buchannon

10.   Dianna Paschall (1745  - ) married Richard King

Engles King

11. Rachel Paschall (1747 - ) married Henry Wilson

Pleasant Wilson
Rachel Wilson
William Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson
Elijah Wilson
Fennel Wilson - a descendant
Tonya Harrison
George Wilson
Dennis Wilson
Swepston Wilson

12.   Ruth Paschall (1749 - )

13.   Reliance Paschall (1751 - )

Dottie Ridenour - DAR #854078 via George Paschal (South Carolina)


Pictures below are Joe Paschall's family