Paul McCartney
American Airlines Center Dallas, TX

by Paul Ridenour

I have been to some pretty outstanding concerts in my life - Eagles "Hotel California" and last year's tour, Pink Floyd's "Division Bell/Pulse," ELO' s "Out Of The Blue," Peter Gabriel's "Us," McCartney and Wings "Wings Over America," Roger Waters (last year), and this was as good as it gets. The musicians were studio cats from LA.

Three out of the first four tunes were Beatles. If you closed your eyes, you heard The Beatles and Wings. He did 37 songs (23 Beatles). McCartney had a 48 screen multimedia configuration using lots of old Beatles' films/movies. He changed guitars on almost every song.

Thanks mom again for the McCartney tickets - both in 1976 and last night.  The concert will be released on DVD. McCartney has also been tasked with completing numerous unfinished George Harrison songs. I have a "feeling" that Jeff Lynne may be a part of that project too.

Here are the songs he did with my comments:

* Paul solo on guitar
** Paul solo on piano

Hello, Goodbye
All My Loving ("Close your eyes and I'll kiss you")
Getting Better (never done "live" until this tour)
Coming Up
Let Me Roll It
Lonely Road (new song)
Driving Rain (new song - written after a rainy day drive along California's coastal Hwy 1 in a black corvette)
Your Loving Flame (new song)
Every Night*
We Can Work It Out*
Mother Nature's Son* (with Wix on accordion)
Vanilla Sky*
You Never Give Me Your Money/Carry That Weight**
Fool On The Hill

(He said "there are things in life that I wished I didn't say or did say" as he spoke of John Lennon. An immediate standing ovation for John. Quite emotional!)

Here Today* (song he wrote for John from "Tug Of War")

He said that George was quite the ukulele player and would bring them out for everyone after dinner at his house. George gave Paul a Gibson ukulele. As a tribute to George, he played solo uke and sang "Something."

Eleanor Rigby
Here, There, And Everywhere
Band on the Run
Back in the USSR (48 screens with black/white and red/yellow Russian symbols with and pics of Stalin/Lenin/Russian military/Cold War)

Maybe I'm Amazed
C Moon (early Wings)
My Love
Can't buy Me Love
Freedom (for 911)
Live and Let Die (with explosions of course)
Let It Be
Hey Jude

First Encore (came out with a T-shirt reading "No More Land Mines")

The Long and Winding Road (My favorite McCartney/Beatles song. This song has always reminded me of the Beatles break-up along with the song "Two of Us."
[I am a drummer because of Ringo and I started thinking about John and George being gone, therefore, this song was quite emotional too.]
Lady Madonna (48 screens with every famous woman in history - movie and TV stars, singers, writers, poets, politicians, you name it)
I saw Her Standing There

Second Encore

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)
The End

That's it folks! - "And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make"