Peter Gabriel
Smirnoff, Fair Park, Dallas, TX

by Paul Ridenour

I saw the Peter Gabriel concert in Dallas in 1993 with his "Secret World" tour.  It was the best indoor sound I have ever experienced.  He had a square and round stage with a conveyor belt in between.  The monitors were under the stage.  He sang all of his hits, old and new, except "Red Rain," "Don't Give Up," and "Mercy Street."  My dad was disappointed because those were the songs he wanted to hear.  I thought the concert was fantastic because of all of the old great songs like "Family Snapshot" and the new ones from the "Us" CD.  The last song "Biko" was brilliant because Manu Katche was the drummer.  My mom asked me, "Why do the drums sound so good?" I told her it was because of the drummer and because the sound was done right.  As the lights came on and we were leaving, Peter walked back out, sat on the piano, and sang "Here Comes The Flood."

On June 10th, I saw a much older Peter Gabriel ("Up" tour) with grey hair and a goatee.  The opening act was a band or female named "Sevara" (Sevara Nazarkhan) from Uzbekistan.  I liked them because I have been to that part of the world (Kazakhstan).  Their music is right down Gabriel's alley.  Peter put on a great show even though he had difficulty a couple of times hitting the high notes.  He could have also used a better female singer than his daughter Melanie Gabriel.  Her voice was weak on "Don't Give Up" and she forgot one line.  However, it was nice to see father and daughter together on stage.  Peter's keyboardist was a female and she was very good.

Play List:
*worth the price of the ticket

*Red Rain
More Than This  - 2002 "Up" CD - sounded just like the CD
Secret World
Games Without Frontiers - used a Segway human transportation device - I was surprised he did this song
*Mercy Street - started out acapella - my favorite Gabriel song
Darkness - 2002 CD - sounded just like the CD
Digging in the Dirt - he used a small camera attached to a headpiece which showed his eyes, nose, mouth on the big screen.  (He used the same device in 1993 on "Shock The Monkey")
Don't Give Up - very surprised he did this one
The Tower That Ate People - 2000 "Ovo" CD
*Growing Up - 2002 CD - sounded just like the CD - sang this song inside a huge hamster ball - very cool
Shock The Monkey - not sure if the was an encore song

*Solsbury Hill
*Sledgehammer - wore a black suit with white lights
Signal to Noise - 2002 CD (not sure if this is the song he did from his new CD)

First encore

*In Your Eyes - Sonora and another member of her band joined him on this song

I thought "In Your Eyes" was better in 1993 because he had Ravi Shankar with him, who did the "Indian" background vocals perfect.  And, the drummer was Manu Katche.

Second Encore

Come Talk to Me - used an old English telephone booth just like in 1993 - surprised he did this one too.
Father, Son - 2000 "Ovo" CD - very nice!  It was beginning to rain when he finished this song.  "Here Comes The Flood" would have been perfect here.

I was surprised that he did not sing "Sky Blue" from his new CD and that the Blind Boys of Alabama were not there, who sing backing vocals.  Tony Levin, Peter's bass player, was as always, AWESOME!

Peter did make a short speech.  He said that his country used to be able to go anywhere in the world and do anything.  He basically said that now America is the only superpower and it we want "Freedom and national security, you we will need to learn to respect other people's rights."  A friend with me said "Hey, this is not Sunday."  In other words, save your preaching for Sunday.  He also said "I do not need a Limey to tell me about freedom and respect for other people."  My friend is right.  See the movie "Braveheart" and then discuss the Brits respect for other people.  America got our freedom in 1776 when we signed the "Declaration of Independence" and then beat the Brits in the war.

Rock Stars - keep your politics to yourselves.  We do not care!!

Peter Gabriel lyrics - http://www.progsoc.uts.edu.au/~aychiang/pg/

Gabriel in 1993

Gabriel in 2000


Gabriel and Tony Levin, 2003 - Photo by Melissa Blyth

Melanie Gabriel