Paul and Dottie at her brother John's wedding

 Desi Doyen, John Doyen, and Dottie

Wedding 11/1/1986. Dale, Becky, Robert, Mary Alice, Dottie, Paul, David and Sharon (The Ridenours)

Dottie's sister [private]

High school graduation day-Teno Doyen, Desi Doyen, private, Rand Doyen and Dottie

Paul, John Simmons, and Ken Nance. Known as Nance, Simmons, Ridenour
or the Stud Trio. Bryan Adams 1978 10-year high school reunion.
Ken died at age 43 on 4/22/2003.

Dot's sister Rand Doyen and son Alister

Desi, Dottie, Hugh, Rand, Adrianna, Julianne, and Loren Doyen (John Doyen's Wedding)

Dale and son

David Ridenour family


Dot with Russian friend Lada in New York 1992.

Dottie, grandpa Watie McNeir, and Desi