Merry Christmas from the Ridenours - 2000


Year 2000 has just flown by.  We made it through the disastrous Y2K bug.  My brother David has 60,000 pounds of rice to sell you - cheap!  Year 2000 has been an interesting year for the entire Ridenour family.


After 45 years and three boys, my parents Robert and Mary Alice Ridenour, decided to get married.  They were married at McDonald’s in Rockwall.  It was a beautiful wedding.  My mom walked gracefully done the aisle to the Pink Floyd song “Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict."  Later, they spent their honeymoon at the newly remodeled Notell Motel in beautiful downtown Mesquite.


My parents started a new hobby several years ago - collecting stray cats.  They now have about 75.  It has been a bittersweet year for them.  Fourteen cats died but they acquired 27 more.  My mom loves to use round stones as tombstones for her cats.  If you have any of them, please send them to her.  She likes them to be 6 - 8 inches in diameter.  She expects she will need at least 9 next year.  Stop by her house sometime to see her prized one-eyed one-legged Siamese.


My brother and sister-in-law, David and Sharon Ridenour, have four wonderful growing children - Adolph, Judas, Cain, and Marie Antoinette.  Raising four Ridenours has not been easy.  Judas accidentally swallowed a box of Gerbil food and Marie wanted to change her name to “Super Freak."


My older brother Dale sadly got on the bottle (rubbing alcohol) and we had to sell his only assets – 100 first-place tennis trophies.  He is currently living in a plywood box under a bridge at Interstate 30 and downtown Dallas.  Drop by and say “Hello."  Thanks Sergei for letting him have your old place.  Dale’s son Napoleon is also growing like a wet sponge.  If Dale can get his life together, he hopes to get married again and have a little girl.  Actually, he would like to have three children - one of each.


It was a very good year for my Russian friend Sergei Mikhail Boris Vladimir Gorbachov Almazov.  After 10 years of delivering pizza for Mr. Jim’s, he is now delivering pizza for Domino’s.


I turned 40, and it has not been a good year for me.  I realized for the first time in my life, I am bald.  After several months of Christian counseling, I am still bald.


Dottie has been a Sr. Technical Writer for 15 years at a worldwide telecommunications company.  She recently decided to leave the corporate world and get a job at Hooters, where she made more money in tips the first week than all of last year.


And finally, after playing drums since 1972 at Southern Baptist churches and unhappy that “real wine” is still not being used for the Lord’s Supper, I decided to join another church.  Dot and I joined the First Church On The Go By The Highway Next To 7-11 Congregational United Episcopal Community Temple, or FCOTGBTHNTSECUECT for short.  Not only am I the best and only drummer at the church, Dottie also plays the church Autoharp.  We are thinking about taking our act on the road.


Have a very Merry Christmas,        Paul and Dottie Ridenour



Dad  Mom  Dale


David  Judas   



                                                                                                   Dottie                                 Paul