Major Ridge

John Ridge - son of Major Ridge

Stand Watie

John Rollin Ridge - son of John Ridge

Rose Cottage - home of John Ross, burned by Stand Watie during the Civil War

Elias Cornelius (EC) Boudinot - son of Elias Boudinot

EC Boudinot

Saladin Watie - son of Stand Watie

U.S. Civil War stamp series 1995

Confederate Brig. General
Stand Watie (De-ga-do-ga)

Known for guerrilla tactics
tying down Union troops.
Sole CSA Indian General
raised Cherokee regiment,
fought at Pea Ridge, captured federal steamboat. Last
CSA General to surrender.

The Southern Cherokee delegation to Washington in 1866 was sent to negotiate a new treaty with the United States at the end of the American Civil War. L to R: John Rollin "Yellow Bird" Ridge, Saladin Watie, Richard Fields, Elias C. Boudinot, and William Penn Adair. Delegates not pictured were Stand Watie and Joseph A. Scales.