Lake Ray Roberts
Lantana Lodge
Jordan State Park
Pilot Point, Texas
10/14/05 - 10/15/05

Paul Ridenour

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Wednesday, October the 12th, is one day before Dottie's birthday.  In the afternoon, we went to the State Fair of Texas, which is the largest state fair in the State.  We looked at the new cars.  Dottie recently purchased a 2004 Corvette and to celebrate her birthday, we are going to take our first road trip in the Corvette.  On her birthday the 13th, we went to Saltgrass for dinner and had prime rib.  I will not tell you her age other than to say she was born sometime after 1961.

Friday October 14

Dottie and I took the day off as Dottie went to her first Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) meeting at 10 AM.  She paid her dues and we are waiting for her to become an official member of the DRT.

With gas prices in Dallas averaging $2.89 a gallon for regular unleaded, we left in the Corvette about 1:30 PM and had lunch at Wings And Things.  After lunch, we drove up through McKinney to 380 over to Denton and then to Pilot Point, Texas.  In Pilot Point, we found gas for $2.66 a gallon.

We checked into the Lantana Lodge and our room about 4:30 PM.  The lodge is in Jordan State Park.

The rooms were $85 a night but we wanted a lake view which was $95.

The rooms were nice but one did not see much of the lake due to the hundreds of oak trees between the cabin and the lake.  I think the trees were all Burr Oak.  The room could have used some more decorations on the walls.

The place was perfect for a weekend getaway.

A good acquaintance of mine brought his ski boat up and let us use it.  He recommended we take the boat out at night,  After having dinner at the resort with his wife and one of his kids, Dottie and I took the boat out for an hour.  I have never been to Lake Ray Roberts and going out at 10 PM in a boat was a bit scary.  Dottie said she was so glad we went out after dark and that the boat was icing on the cake.  My good acquaintance said he found gas for $2.49 at 380 and 377.

The lodge was very nice with a nice restaurant, gazebo for a private dinner, horse stables, 15 boat slips near the restaurant. walking/horseback riding trials, and the place was crawling with butterflies, spiders, and armadillos.  One could be walking down the sidewalk with several spiders above your head suspended in the air by their webs between the oak trees.

Saturday October 15

After breakfast, we took the boat out for an hour and a half.

Check out was 11 AM.

We were stopped in the parking lot by a guy named Dennis who wanted to talk about our Corvette.  He was getting married that night in Pilot Point.  He and his family came down from Connecticut for the wedding.  He talked about moving to the Dallas area and opening a car detail shop.  He mentioned it will be like a spa for cars. Dottie said he could call it "The Car Spa."  He thought that was brilliant.  I wanted to get his email but did not.

Driving a Corvette after three Toyotas and four Saturns makes me a bit nervous.  No one had ever wanted to talk about any of our cars in the past.  We had not seen a Corvette since we left our home near Dallas.  We checked out of the lodge and drove past the dam when I saw a red car coming in our direction.  It looked like a Corvette from the distance.  Sure enough, it was a red pristine 1969 convertible Corvette Stingray and they were waving at us.  Then in a flash about six Corvettes were behind it and they were all waving at us.  One of the Corvettes in the middle was blue like ours and one at the end of the line was yellow.  I wanted to turn around and get in line and find out where they were going.  I had never really thought about car clubs before.

We drove through another state park called Isle Du Bois.

We drove through Sanger, Texas, on our way to Denton to shop at some western wear stores.  We were at a store when a guy came up to me on the parking lot and asked if I was at Lantana Lodge earlier.  It was Dennis' brother Kevin who was out shopping with some of his family before heading back to Pilot Point for his brother's wedding.  Therefore, I got Kevin's email so I could have him forward an email to Dennis.

As far as shopping went, Dottie only bought a hat.

We drove through downtown Krum, Texas, where there used to be a nice restaurant called The Clay Pot.  We ate there in the 1980s during college when we were at North Texas State University in Denton [now University of North Texas].   They used to give away tiny clay pots.  It closed about 6 years ago, I was told.  One of the banks in Krum was robbed by Jesse James and also by Bonnie and Clyde.  I wanted to take a picture of the historical marker but it is inside the bank and the bank closes Saturdays at noon.

It was nice driving through Denton in a Corvette because when we were there in college in the 1980s, I was driving a 1971 red Ford Pinto and Dottie was driving a 1976 orange 2-door Honda Civic.

Just before getting home, we saw a black Corvette at a light and he gunned it for no apparent reason.  We decided he wanted to show us who was boss.

When we got back home to Dallas, the gas prices were still around $2.79 to $2.85.  Going to work on Monday, I actually saw several gas stations down Parker Road in Plano selling gas at $2.58 and $2.56.  Looks like prices are coming down.

Update:  One week later, gas prices at the Conoco near our house was $2.49.

2004 Le Mans Limited Edition Corvette

Lantana Lodge - www.lantanalodge.net

Room 126 - A room with a view

Our Texas room

The lake from our room

Horse stables with banquet/wedding/wedding reception room

Lantana lodge from the Gazebo

Gazebo - a couple got engaged that day and were having a private dinner that evening

Monarch Butterfly

"If butterflies are free to fly, why do they fly away?" - Sheryl Crow

Spiders are our friends

Sunset over Lake Ray Roberts

Mr. Armadillo

Lantana Lodge from Lake Ray Roberts

House and stables near the dam - notice the double fence for horse running or riding