Joe Satriani with Eric Johnson

Grand Prairie, TX
08:00 PM

What I think about Joe Satriani

A Short Concert Review by Paul Ridenour email

A big fan of Satriani.  I see him just about every time he comes to the Dallas area.  I was with the wife,. brother David, nephew Rusty, and friends Michael and Corwin.  We were on the 14th row on the left side -the side Satriani always play on.

One of my pet peeves is people who talk and talk loudly the entire time.  Why do people do that?  This couple was talking loudly in front of us during Eric Johnson and I tapped the woman on the shoulder and said "I didn't pay $80 to hear you guys talk the entire time.  So, could you please be quiet?:"  She gave me a look and said something but I did not hear her.  They stopped.  I couldn't reach him or I would have confronted him instead.  They must have been they to talk loudly during Eric Johnson because they left shortly after Satriani took the stage. Here is a word of advice - Be quiet during concerts until it is appropriate to yell and/or clap!

Eric John son was flawless as usual.  He played a song from Jimi Hendrix and one from the Monkees.

Joe came out at 09:00 PM and started the show with Flying In A Blue Dream with the usual blue stage lights.  A great song to start a concert.  Again, awesome show as always.  He did several songs from his new CD "Super Colossal" and it is a very good CD. 

My nephew really enjoyed SRV by Eric Johnson and Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing by Satriani.  It was his first Satriani concert.  He is 15.  I am pretty sure he was blown away.

During the encore, I saw them put another amp on stage so I knew that Eric was going to join him on a song or two.  To my surprise, Joe said "Well, we might as well make it a G3 concert.:  Out came Eric and local guitarist Andy Timmons.  Wow!  Andy is so good of the guitar too.  The last song Red House was worth the entire price.  The concert ended a little after 11:30.

Eric Johnson Set List (not 100% sure)

Summer Jam
My Back Pages
Love or Confusion
May This Be Love (Jimi Hendrix)
Good to Me
Morning Sun
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (The Monkees)
Intro to Cliffs of Dover/Cliffs of Dover

Joe Satriani Set List

Flying In A Blue Dream
The Extremist
Redshift Riders
Cool #9
Ten Words
Satch Boogie
Super Colossal
Just Like Lightnin'
Ice 9
One Robot's Dream
A Cool New Way
The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
The Meaning of Love
Made Of Tears
Always With Me, Always With You


Crowd Chant
Summer Song
Down, Down, Down with Eric Johnson and local guitarist Andy Timmons
Red House with Eric Johnson and Andy Timmons

Joe Satriani

Andy Timmons, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson

Stoner Michael Smith

Passed out due to inhalation of some unusually smelly smoke

Guess who?

Rusty and David Ridenour