Sheryl Crow
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX
Pace Pecante Pro-Rodeo Texas Classic Stampede '03

Sheryl Crow Pictures and Grammy's

Concert Review by Paul Ridenour

Sheryl Crow looked fantastic.  I cannot believe that I actually saw her after all of these years.  She is one of the most talented female singer/songwriters in history.  Her band was very tight and included keyboardist Mike Rowe, bassist Tim Smith, lead guitarist Peter Stroud, and drummer Shawn Pelton.  The harmonies were very good.  I liked it when she changed up the melodies a little.  The only problem I had with the performance is that her vocals were not loud enough in places and especially on the song "All I Wanna Do."  Shawn Pelton did something that I have never seen in that he used a maraca as a drumstick on the song "A Change Would Do You Good."  Tim Smith did a great job singing the duet for "Picture."  I was amazed how Sheryl would hardly open her mouth when she sang the verses and she still sounded so good.  When she got to the choruses, she opened her mouth and belted it out.  The only negative aspect of the night is when she said "You know how I feel about this war" and then sang the Elvis Costello song "Peace, Love, and Understanding."  It's very dangerous to say some of these kinds of things to a country and western rodeo crowd.  Laura Ingraham wrote a book about this topic titled "Shut Up And Sing."  I was surprised that Sheryl sang "I Shall Believe," which is one of my favorite "chick" songs.

Play List:
* = worth the price of the ticket

Steve McQueen
There Goes The Neighborhood*
My Favorite Mistake*
Sweet Rosalyn
The First Cut Is The Deepest - (originally sung by Rod Stewart)
Leaving Las Vegas
Strong Enough*
If It Makes You Happy
A Change Would Do You Good
Picture (duet with Tim Smith, instead of Kid Rock)
All I Wanna Do
Soak Up The Sun
I Shall Believe*


(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, And Understanding - (originally sung by Elvis Costello)