Average White Band (AWB), Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates
The Smirnoff
Dallas, Texas
October 10, 2004
6:30 PM

Concert Review
By Paul Ridenour

I was at a friend’s house watching the Texas-OU game on Saturday the 9th and we discussed he we would never go see AWB and Hall and Oates.

While I was at work on Sunday, another friend called me and said “How can I ask you go somewhere tonight if you are not at church?” I said “Don’t tell me you have tickets to AWB and Hall and Oates!” He said the concert includes Michael McDonald and that he had a ticket for me ($50 face value) for Section 100 Row A, because his wife had to go out of town. Now I like Michael McDonald. So, of course I went.

Before the concert, my friend introduced me to Sean McCurley a long-time drummer for Leann Rimes. Sean plays drums occasionally at our church but I have never been there when he played. Sean was talking to a guy who would be playing sax for AWB.

What blew me away was that our seats were center stage and on the third row. I’d never been that close before. I had been on the 7th row a couple of times in the past but on the side of the stage.

AWB started playing about 6:30 and played for 45 minutes. They put on a show. AWB has a black bassist/keyboardist/singer that was very good. The saxophonist was also very good. They saved their big hit “Pick Up The Pieces” for last.

Michael McDonald was sitting at his keyboards right in front of us and he did all his hits including his hits with the Doobie Brothers (“It Keeps You Runnin’”, “Takin’ It To The Streets,” “Minute by Minute,” “What A Fool Believes”). He had a black female drummer who was very good. He too had an outstanding sax player. The concert was called “Rock and Soul Revue” and McDonald did some songs from his Motown CD and his soon to be released Motown CD. Songs like “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” “Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing Baby,” and “All in Love Is Fair” by Stevie Wonder. I had been listing to that song Sunday at work so I really enjoyed hearing it from McDonald.

My friend said that one never sees Contemporary Christian artist Tim Shepherd and Michael McDonald in the same room together.  He believes that Tim is really Michael McDonald.

Hall and Oates came out and did most of their hits. Hall had on some yellow eye shadow and his hair was long and bleached blonde. He is a lot taller than Oates. Or, Oates is just very short. They too had a good sax player and had recorded a soul CD. Hall’s voice is outstanding. He really attacks the notes. He attacked the strings on his guitar too. I have never seen anyone play the guitar like that. I had forgotten how good of a singer he was. I forgot that they sang the hit “She’s Gone.” They did all of their hits except “Rich Girl” and “One On One” with one of my favorites being “Sarah Smile.” I kept thinking the entire time that Hall looks like my brother’s girlfriend Jo Ellen.

On the end of the second row were two girls who had brought a lot of silicone with them. I noticed that they were on stage off to the left side during Hates and Oates.

All three bands came out for the last 45 minute set, about 20 guys on stage. Hall would start off singing a McDonald hit and then McDonald would start out singing a Hall and Oates hit. Hall and McDonald’s voices really compliment each other since they both sing so high.

Since we were so close and in the middle, Hall and Oates tossed out a bunch of guitar picks that came in our direction.  One landed by me and I stooped down to get it. The girl next to me could have stepped on it or my hand if she wanted. She said that I “invaded her space.” I gave her the pick.

Then another pick flew passed me. I reached down under my chair and thought a small piece a paper was the pick. Knowing that it was way past me, I got back up. It was dark and no way to find it. The guy behind me had also reached for that same small piece of paper. He decided to confront me and he said something like “I don’t appreciate you reaching for it.” I looked at him and said I don’t have the pick but I also stared at him like who the heck is he to tell me that and I may have said “What?” My friend turned around and looked the guy in the face and said something like “Do we have a problem?” The guy said “Yeah, you are in my face, turn around!” My friend “thought to himself” that he was not going to turn around no matter what and where to hit the guy if the guy swung first. A security guard broke it up. When the stage lights made our area brighter, I looked back and saw that the pick was between the guy and his girlfriend. I saw that he finally saw it and picked it up. He then handed it to me. I tried to give it back. I asked my friend why the guy gave it to me. My friend said that the guy probably felt bad. My friend wanted the pick because he had paid $200 for the tickets off eBay. I gave it to him of course. The guy behind me did not know that my friend was a state police officer. I was a little ticked off during the last set.

Another girl was dancing like a banshee on the second row and a guy joined her. A security guard moved them back to the 6th row. It was WBAP’s radio talk show conservative commentary Mark Davis and his wife. They were dancing and singing every song like they were possessed.

My friend said the concert would have been worth $200 a ticket!

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