The Thompson Cemetery
Rusk County, Texas

Located in Laird Hill, north of Leveretts Chapel, Texas (Mt. Tabor Indian Community)

by Paul Ridenour

Some refer to this cemetery as the Laird-Thompson Cemetery but the sign reads "Thompson Cemetery"

This Cemetery is located in Laird Hill, near the intersections of Highway 42 and FM 2012. The original home was owned by B. F. Thompson. Today it is known as the Shack Laird home. The cemetery is next to the house.

A large family marker gives the birth dates of the children of J. M. (John Martin) and L.A. (Lou Adaline) Thompson - " Erected 1902 by J.M. Thompson in memory of Father, Scotch Irish descent, his parents coming from North Ireland, Mother, daughter of Judge John & Nellie Martin of the Tribe of Cherokee Indians. Step-mother was Mrs. Harris, daughter of J.& M. Samples"

Children of J. M. . & L.A. Thompson
Born Rusk County, TX.

James A. born Jan 2 1855
Jessie M. born Dec 11 1856
Benjamin F. born Aug 15 1859
John Anna born Nov 7 1871
William P. born April 13, 1865
Lou Della Born Feb 3 1868

Children of J.M. & E. H. . Thompson
Born Rusk County, TX

Cherokee Isabell born Sept 7 1872
John L. born Feb 14, 1875

Children born in Gregg County Texas

Liggett N. born Jan 29 1878
Henry H. born July 15 1880
Alexander born Jan 6 1883
Mary Ann born June 17 1887

The Thompsons and Crims are Cherokee.  The Lairds are not Cherokee.

Buried at Thompson Cemetery

The Shack Laird home.  Shack's real name was Shirley Spurgeon Laird.  Home originally built by B. F. Thompson.

Mother [Annie Martin], daughter of Judge John & Nellie Martin of the Tribe of Cherokee IndiansAnnie Martin married B. F. Thompson.

One of Judge John Martin and Nellie Martin's daughters was Sousanna McNair, incorrectly believed to be buried at Mt. Tabor Indian Cemetery (as Susannah McNair)

Lou Della Crim No. 1, the second oil well discovered in Kilgore, named after Lou Della Crim

John Martin Thompson's daughter Lou Della Thompson, married W.R. Crim, a merchant in Kilgore.  On December 28, 1930, the second major oil well in the Kilgore area came in on Crim's property.  Mrs. Crim had been deeded the land as her "worthless" portion of the family assets.

Liggett N. Thompson

Liggett N. Crim (Liggett Nicholas Crim) - financed the Kilgore Rangerettes

Saunders Gregg is supposed to be a Cherokee and the word "Mammachula" is Cherokee for "Little Mama"