Toumbes-Venable Cemetery
(Edgewood, Van Zandt County, Texas)

Found March 2000

Cemetery is north on 859 out of Edgewood, turn right at 19, turn right at VZ CR 3613, 1/2 mile on the right, 100 feet from road

by Paul Ridenour

Nancy Ann Joines buried in the middle with two daughters beside her (Mary Eliza (Joines) Jett Allgood and Alcy Elizabeth (Joines) Smith) and three baby Toumbes buried outside the fence

Buried in blackberry briars

Blackberries cut off fence

Three baby Toumbes outside fence

Close-up of three baby Toumbes - Mary, Aubrey, and Sally

From the road (blackberries mowed)

The cemetery on 05/15/2007

Who is buried at Toumbes-Venable Cemetery in Edgewood, Texas?

Cemetery is north on 859 out of Edgewood, turn right at 19, turn right at VZ CR 3613, 1/2 mile on the right, 100 feet from road

NOTE: I have been told that someone in the Toumbes family sold the rights to the land to an oil company.  The oil company trashed the cemetery.  There may be 30 to 40 more graves there with no stones.

Daniel Logan Joines (3/27/1827 Tennessee - 2/2/1905 Van Zandt County) (3rd great grandfather) married Nancy Ann Unknown (11/7/1828 TN - 8/13/1898)(Nancy buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery, Van Zandt County). Daniel is buried in the McBride Cemetery in Mexico, TX, near Quinlan.  Buried near him is a Nancy J. Toumbs born 10/06/1862 died 11/20/1949.

Martha Adeline Joines (5/10/1851 Comesville, Giles Co., TN - 8/7/1899 Small) married Richard Allen Toumbs (1/31/1850 Culleoka, TN - 6/5/1910) on 6/15/1873 in Columbia, TN (Martha is supposed to be buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery -  I found no gravestone)
(Richard buried in Box Cemetery, OK)

Grandville Logan Toumbs (6/11/1875 Culleoka, TN - 1/28/1934) married Annie "Lillie" Caskey (5/28/1897-12/11/1950)
(both buried in Box Cemetery, OK)

Mary W. Toumbes (2/12/1897 - 4/2/1897)(buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)
Howard Toumbes

Dean Toumbes email

Allen Toumbs (2/5/1877 Culleoka, TN - 1936) married "Minnie" Margaret Caskey (1872-1954)
(both buried in Box Cemetery, OK)

Allie Myrtle Toumbs (1/23/1896 TX - 9/11/1989 Oklahoma City, OK)(buried in Box Cemetery)
Aubrey A. Toumbes (4/29/1897 - 10/5/1898)
(buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)
Sally Jewel Toumbes (10/20/1898 - 3/2/1899)
(buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)
Oliver J. Toumbs ( - 12/18/1911) (buried in Box Cemetery, OK)
John L. Toumbs (12/31/1905 - 10/6/1911)(buried in Box Cemetery, OK)
Jimmy R. Toumbes

Richard W. Toumbes email

Mary Eliza Joines (8/8/1853 Giles Co., TN  - 8/1/1908 Van Zandt Co. ) married #1 James M. Jett (12/6/1845 Blount Co, AL - 8/28/1892) and married #2 William J. Allgood (Mary buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)(Van Zandt County Census dated June 26, 1900, states Mary had 11 children, 9 living)

Alcy Elizabeth Joines (1/13/1862 Giles Co., TN - 12/9/1899) married F. W. Smith (Alcy buried in Toumbes-Venable Cemetery)

Martha Adeline (Joines) Toumbes

Granville and brother Allen Toumbs

Allen and Minnie Margaret (Caskey) Toumbs

Lillie Anna (Caskey) Toumbs and Granville Logan Toumbs