The Watkins Family

Created 9/10/2006
Updated 9/19/2006

by Paul Ridenour

Rod Watkins

Years ago I met Rod and Shannon Watkins and family at church in Rockwall, Texas.  Rod is Cherokee and has his card.  I kept asking Rod if he could provide me with his family information/genealogy.  He finally did on 9/10/2006.  He handed me a Certificate of Descendancy from Nancy Ward for his aunt Maxine Elliott (Snider) Webb and it was signed by Betty Starr Barker and David Keith Hampton of The Association of the Descendants of Nancy Ward, founded in 1994.  In 2004, my wife being a direct descendant of Major Ridge, help found the Descendants of Major Ridge Association with the president being Nancy Brown.

I created this webpage for Rod and his family.  The information below was taken and can be found in David Keith Hampton's book Cherokee Mixed Bloods.  See pictures after text.

Nanye'hi "Nancy" (circa 1738 - 1822), a full-blood Cherokee, married #1 Tsu-La "Kingfisher"( - 1755)  circa 1751 (Rod's 9th great grandparents) and married #2 Bryan Ward in 1758

The woman above is more commonly known as "Nancy Ward" and she is referred to as GHIGAU, meaning the "Beloved Woman," or "Most Beloved Woman" or "War Woman."  Kingfisher was killed in a battle against the Creeks and Nancy picked up his rifle and fought.  Her valor awarded her some spoils of war including captured slaves.  Her title allowed her to speak and vote at the Cherokee councils and she had pardoning power.  Nancy Ward's family has been very involved in politics in both the West and East Cherokee Nations and is made up of Old Settlers, Treaty Party families (Major Ridge, Stand Watie, Elias Boudinot, James Starr, John Bell, etc.), and some John Ross supporters.

Daughter Ka-ti [circa 1752 - 1828] Kingfisher, a full-blood Cherokee, married #3 Ellis Harlan [circa 1733 - 9/1815] circa 1778 (Rod's 8th great grandparents)
Kati or Katie also married #1 Samuel Candy circa 1767 and married #2 John Walker circa 1770

Daughter Nancy Harlan (circa 1779 - 1841) married Caleb Starr (circa 1763 - 1843) circa 1794  (Rod's 7th great grandparents)

Daughter Mary Jane "Polly" Starr (9/15/1795 - ) married Austin Rider (circa 1794 - 1834) (Rod's 6th great grandparents)

Daughter Nancy Rider (circa 1810 - 7/31/1834) married David Thompson (1800 - 7/20/1864) on 7/7/1825 (Rod's 5th great grandparents)

Son Caleb Starr Thompson (8/9/1829 - 6/3/1917) married Matilda Cordell (8/8/1829 - 3/28/1904) (Rod's 4th great grandparents)

Daughter Mary Elizabeth Thompson (10/22/1856 - 3/7/1944) married Elijah Taylor Wilson (2/4/1849 - 6/12/1926)  (Rod's 3rd great grandparents)

Daughter Sarah Jane Wilson ( 8/23/1875 - 10/16/1964) married John Ben McCullock Watkins (10/18/1861 - 7/6/1924) (Rod's 2nd great grandparents)

Son Dallas Rosson Watkins married Edith L. Weaver (Rod's great grandparents)

Son Orville Dallas Watkins married Lima Lee Lay (Rod's grandparents)

Son Ronnie Lee Watkins (8/19/1941 - ) married Billye Jean Giles (11/27/1941 - ) (Rod's parents)

John Ben McCullock Watkins, Sarah Jane Wilson Watkins - Rod's 2nd great grandparents
L to R boys: Dallas Watkins (Rod's great grandfather), Gideon Watkins, and Frank Watkins [Tahlequah, I. T.]

John Ben Watkins was the deputy sheriff in Gideon, OK

John Ben McCullock Watkins - Rod's 2nd great grand

Caleb Starr Thompson and wife Matilda (Cordell) Thompson (Rod's 4th great grandparents)
with daughters
L to R: Pressha Samantha THOMPSON born 1869 and married William Wilson YOUNG
and Elizabeth Catherine THOMPSON born 1871 and married Aquilla Gibson ROBERTSON
[Photo taken in
Tahlequah, I. T.]
Samantha Thompson Young is the great grandmother of David Keith Hampton
The THOMPSONs came to the Cherokee Nation in 1881

Elijah Taylor Wilson and Mary Elizabeth (Thompson) Wilson -
Rod's 3rd great grandparents

Elizabeth (Bell) Watkins - ?

Back row L to R: Della Watkins (April 6, 1911 - Sept. 3, 1981) Ruby Watkins (Dec. 27, 1909 - April 7, 1986), Ottis Watkins (March 20, 1907 - July 13, 1984), Effie Watkins (Aug. 3, 1905 - Oct. 4, 1974), Clyde Watkins (Aug 25, 1901 - Sept. 4, 1991), Ollie Watkins (March 20, 1899 - April 4, 1983),Bessie Watkins (Jan. 17, 1896 - Dec. 6, 1972), Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Watkins (Feb. 16, 1897 - April 24, 1974),  Frank Watkins (Mar. 11, 1894 - April 27, 1956), Dallas Watkins (June 14, 1892 - Nov. 14, 1950) [Rod's great grandfather], and Gideon Watkins (Aug. 9, 1890 - Oct 26, 1976). Front row L to R: Arnold Watkins [bending down/Rod's grandmother's brother], Sarah Jane (Wilson) Watkins (Aug. 23, 1875 - Oct 16th 1964), Loyd Wallace Watkins (Sept. 29, 1916 - Sept. 30, 1980) [in her lap], John Ben McCullock Watkins (Oct. 18, 1861 died - July 6th, 1924), and Mack Watkins (April 14, 1914 - Aug. 3, 1975) [in his lap].
Photo taken 1914 - Rod's 2nd great grandparents

Mary Elizabeth (Thompson) Wilson - Rod's 3rd great grandmother

Sarah Jane (Wilson) Watkins - Rod's 2nd great grandmother