A Hard Nights Day (Beatles Cover Band)
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Dallas Metroplex Venues: The Curtain Club, The Bone, Club Dada, Club Clearview, and Lakewood Bar and Grill

Photos by Paul Ridenour except where indicated

A Hard Night's Day - The Curtain Club


Baby you can drive my car

I'm a loser and I'm not what I appear to be

He blew his mind out in a car

She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand

She thinks of him and so she dresses in black, she's going to change her mind, for she would never be free, till they find there's no need
They don't know-they can't see-are you one of them?
(Photo by McCartney Waters 11/2004 - The Irish Rover)

Hands across the water, hands across the sky

Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream

Just a smile would lighten everything

And she promises the earth to me and I believe her, after all this time I don't know why
(Not a fan but has her own fan club)

Nobody can deny that there's something there

You should hear what they say about you

They can see that he's just a fool

Ten summersets he'll undertake on solid ground

When I'm home everything seems to be right

The wild and windy night, the rain washed away

She says that long ago she knew someone, but now he's gone, she doesn't need him

Day or night he'll be there any time at all

I know this love of mine will never die

Persian girls really knock me out

You know that we're as close as can be man

You're such a lovely audience

He say "One and one and one is three"

You better free your mind instead

They look just like two gurus in drag

And if you want some fun, take Ob-la-di Ob-la-da

Well well well, you're feeling fine, well well well, he'll make you

I will say the only words I know that you'll understand

Anna, girl before you go now...let me hear your balalaika's ringing out

They don't care what goes on around

Club Dada

You can get married in Gibraltar, near Spain
[Thanks again Paul and the blokes for letting the fool play the maracas]

Tried to please her, she only played one night stands

They'd seen his face before

Mean Mr. Mustard...sleeps in a hole in the road

I'm glad it's your birthday, happy birthday to you - Hugh Julian Doyen [Dot's dad]
(Photo by Terri Bedford)

Sky of blue and sea of green

I once had a girl, or should I say she [they] once had me

Baby's in black and I'm feeling blue

In a couple of years they have built a home sweet home
[a.k.a. Melanie and Michelle]

Turn me on when I get lonely

Mister city policeman sitting pretty little policemen in a row

Her baby buys her things you know

You know my number three you know my number two you know my number three you know my number four

Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to

Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes

Life is very short and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friend

She’s in love with me and I feel fine

Everybody's green, 'cause I'm the one who won your love (Photo by Dr. Gary Feisel)

I'll come back for the honey and you

On behalf of the group I hope we passed the audition

We're rockin' in two by two

I don't mind, I think they're crazy

Catch you with another man that's the end'a little girl (Photo by Terri Bedford)

They tumble blindly as they make their way (Photo by Terri Bedford)

Just let me hear some of that rock and roll music

I'm coming down fast but I'm miles above you

I'll be good like I know I should