Mary Alice Ridenour's (Mom) 70th Birthday - 10/09/2006

Celebrated on 10/14/06 at
Saltgrass Steakhouse
Mesquite, Texas

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I share a birthday (03/12/60) with a Beatle's wedding - Paul and Linda McCartney 03/12/1969.  My mom shares a birthday with the birthday of a Beatle - John Lennon 10/09/1940.  Lennon once wrote the lyric - "Imagine no Mary Alice." My brother David shares his birthday with the death of John Lennon - 12/08.

Mother, daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher, married at 19 and had three boys by age 24.

On 09/16/06, we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday and on 10/14/06, we celebrated my mom's 70th birthday.  This time, nephew Rusty Ridenour and Nannie Burnett (dad's mother) were able to attend.  The whole Ridenour dysfunctional clan was there including my mom's sister.  All of us live in the Dallas (TX) area.  For more information on the Ridenour family, go to my webpage and read my Christmas letters. - www.paulridenour.com

Mary Alice Joines


Robert, Mary Alice, Dale, Paul, and David Ridenour -1960s

Birthday girl - Mary Alice Ridenour (10/09/06) on 10/14/2006

Mom's sister Kathleen, Mom, and Dottie

Nannie Burnett  (also known as Nannie B'Nee or Slinky Burnett) - Nannie will be 92 on 10/24/06


Parents and grandkids

Four birthdays in October

Dottie Ridenour 10/13/06
Kathleen Graves 10/23/06
Mary Alice Ridenour 10/09/06
Nannie Burnett 10/24/06

The whole gang - using a flash

Not using a flash

Nannie Burnett and the great grandkids