Polson Cemetery, Grove, OK, just west of Southwest City, MO

W. Cherokee from downtown Southwest City, MO, takes you to Stand Watie Rd, turn right to the Polson Cemetery

General Stand Watie Memorial Highway (south of Grove, OK, on Hwy 59)

Stand Watie Road Phase 1 (south of Grove, OK, on Hwy 59)

Major Ridge's portrait at the Smithsonian (Museum of American History/Geo. Region 3008 4050 302 ID 3008 210 7159)

As you can see, the entire picture is brown except for a white shirt, his face, and grayish hair. His suit is brown and the background is brown. Nothing like the lithographs that you see with a blue suit and white background.

Battle of Pea Ridge, AR -
where Stand Watie fought

Good looking descendents of Major Ridge

Lizard Brand used by Sarah Ridge and Major Ridge - burned into the wall in the Kleberg Animal and Food Sciences Center and at Texas A&M, College Station, TX (for Chambers County)

Desi Doyen (Dottie's sister) - Actress (American Express Delta Skymiles Card commercial - CNN)

Stand Watie's desk
at Delaware County Historical Society
Mariee Wallace Museum, downtown Jay, OK
(Picture is Kyle Washbourne. He is a descendant of John Ridge's daughter Susan Catherine Ridge and
Josiah Woodward Washbourne)